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At ADAPTIVE we are focused
on making your business grow by providing:
technology services digital transformation continuous support

IT and Help Desk solutions focused on your business strategy


Digital transformation

We help you increase efficiency, improve customer experience and maintain market relevance based on the demands of today’s digital environment.

Boost your online presence with our expert team in web design and digital marketing strategies. From creating stunning websites to effective Google Ads campaigns, we help you stand out in the digital world and attract your ideal audience.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence and automation to optimize your business processes. Our services include the implementation of intelligent chatbots and customized AI solutions to improve efficiency and free up time for what really matters.

Make your brand shine online with impactful digital content. From professional audio and video editing to the design of captivating graphic pieces, our creative team helps you tell your story visually and engagingly across all digital channels.

Get expert guidance to drive your digital strategy. Our consultants work with you to understand your specific needs and develop customized strategies that maximize your online results. From initial analysis to ongoing optimization, we’re here to help you achieve your digital goals.

Help Desk and Technical Support

Your company focuses its efforts on crucial issues for its development and growth, while we take care of the technology with our experts at all times.

With our services you can maximize the use of IT resources, guaranteeing improved employee productivity and avoiding interruptions to their activities thanks to continuous operational availability.

We take care of the registration, change control and tracking of devices including hardware and software, so you can have a detailed monitoring and control of IT assets.

We provide assistance with the hardware or software of your devices in the shortest possible time. Our service offers technical assistance based on industry standards and a variety of support channels for the opening, follow-up and resolution of cases.

No matter where you are, you can always count on our support to solve any problems you may have with your devices; we have support tools for remote connection in a fast and secure way.

Technology as a Service - ITaaS

Are you looking to grow quickly and require IT resources for your company, we offer scalable service solutions that go according to your needs in a way that does not impact your cash flow by making large investments.

Cybersecurity as a Service (CyberSaaS) is a flexible set of services that adapts to any infrastructure, problem, budget and need related to your organization’s IT security. Select the components you want to incorporate and we take care of configuration and monitoring.

It refers to Infrastructure as a Services for its acronym in English.
With this modality we take care of the virtualization, storage, network and servers that your company requires either in the cloud or in your facilities.

Means: Device as a Service. This model allows you to acquire computer equipment as managed services allowing you to equip your company with the hardware, support, device management and services based on the life cycles you require.

Disaster Recovery as a Service is a service that allows the recovery of information in the event of disasters that may occur in your organization. It is based on replication, by hosting data on physical or virtual servers belonging to a third party.

Professional Services

We want to help you maximize your technology investment with services ranging from initial planning and design to implementation, integration and optimization; we train you in the use of the tools to minimize risks so you can deliver an outstanding experience.

Identify the use of resources and information flows within your organization, allow our auditors to determine what information is critical to the fulfillment of the Mission and Objectives, identifying needs, misrepresentations, costs, value and barriers.

Inform your users about the best practices for the management of technology with the support of our professionals. Make users aware of the importance of IT security so as not to disrupt the management and efficiency of your company.

Our experts will help you find solutions to your problems with practical content that will allow you to learn about the best alternatives to meet your company’s needs.

Track your software assets, such as version, installation date and more. Know hardware details, such as purchase date, usage and location. We provide you with clear information that will help you make timely decisions and forecast IT expenses.


Corporate Commitment

Since 2010, we have been offering integrated Technology, IT and Communications solutions for companies of all sizes, improving their productivity and turning technology into an essential ally for their development. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has allowed us to establish lasting relationships as strategic allies, providing comprehensive vision and protection at every stage.

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Transforming Businesses with Technology Solutions since 2010

We are a company 100% committed to the satisfaction of our customers, based on the premise of offering quality products and services that meet the needs and mainly to the people.

We have specialized professionals who know their job perfectly and perform it with passion making the experience to each of our users the best.

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The practice of protecting computers, servers, networks, applications and data from possible digital threats seems complex, doesn’t it? We provide advice to select, implement and configure the tools that best suit your needs and that this is not an excuse not to work as a team.

We advise you to implement a security layer within your organization to defend against external attacks or intrusions that compromise your information.
¿Tienes colaboradores trabajando de manera híbrida? Asegura su acceso a los servidores y recursos internos con conexiones seguras a la red por medio de VPN.

All organizations should have a backup or backup copy of the information. Do not leave this to chance, we help you choose the tool that allows you to have that backup and keep your peace of mind in case of any event.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is made easy with our Endpoint solutions that allow you to monitor and prevent the loss of sensitive information via removable devices, email or sharing applications.

Protect your organization against viruses, ransomware, spoofing and targeted attacks with our on-premise or cloud-based solutions. Enjoy automated defense for endpoints, mobile devices, email, web and cloud applications.


Acquiring new equipment will not only improve your company’s efficiency and productivity, but will also ensure optimal performance and greater data security.
With the latest technology, you will be able to perform tasks faster and keep up with market demands.

When it comes to technology, we have all aspects covered. Take a look at our different categories of solutions, our portfolio has the combination of the latest technologies, high performance, simplicity and cost-effectiveness you require.

We help you from the design, implementation and configuration of wired (structured cabling) and wireless (wifi) networks, including ducts, cable system, electrical backup (UPS) and other devices you need to provide connectivity to your organization.

Invest in a server that boosts the ability to handle today’s workloads, increases application performance and frees up administrators’ time to focus on business innovation.

Do you work from home or the office and need space to store your information? Equip yourself with essential tools for seamless collaboration, create a private cloud to store, access, backup and share files with your entire work team.


Find the application you need and increase the efficiency of your operations. Our licensing solutions adapt to your needs and devices, helping you to stay legal and compliant.

Get the most out of your current server and maximize the investment you made. Virtualizing allows you to use all of your existing hardware resources to allocate them to smaller systems whose tasks or functions are more specific and controlled.

Create and share content anytime, anywhere with powerful Microsoft 365 or Office apps. Work smoothly, focus on tasks and stay up to date.
Increase your potential and raise the level of your organization.

Experience the power and reliability of Microsoft Windows with new features that help you simplify everyday tasks. Bring agility to your organization to enable the growth you want.


At Adaptive, our goal is to bring technology closer to each and every person and facilitate its use in daily life, without complications, in a safe way for them and their physical and digital environment.
We have achieved this by recognizing the value in strategic relationships with our partners, being proactive in our service and providing superior quality always focused on exceeding the expectations of our customers.

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From networking and computing equipment to security and consulting services, our portfolio of solutions is a sample of the innovation and quality we offer!

Leave us a couple of details and you can download it for you to consult it whenever you want.

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